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  •  Reposting from 5-6 weels back (2+ / 0-)
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    ......(in addition to an examination of NW IN-Barak should take it off Chicago proximity and dense groupings of minorities in the far north-----we've got a pretty good populace of dead enders here though, displaced from the rural South to work in the steel mills) that rural America, like the folks in this video, might actually surprise some this time around.  I kind of think that demographically different agricultural central IN,  while having a problem with Midwestern insularity is largely populated by the descendants of gentle English farmers, and more central Europeans, probably a lot of Germans and a whole, I believe they have a lower propensity to
    tribalistic warmongering, and (generally faux) rugged individualism than some of their more southern rural breathern, who in the aggregate brought those attitudes as indentured
    servants from the highlands of Scotland.

    V V

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