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View Diary: NC-Sen, NC-Pres: Obama leads by 2, Hagan by 8 (281 comments)

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    in NC this year total 400,000.  Only 35,000 are GOP. 200,000+ are Democrats. These numbers are changing the race.

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      out of 400,000, 200,000+ are dems, 35,000 are repubs, are the remaining 165,000 independents or other parties?

      i admit that looks good for dems, but we also need a lot of those independent votes too.

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        The rest are 'Unaffilated'. For simplicity, I think the unaffiliated voters split 50/50.

        NC Democrats have increased their margin over the GOP by 170,000 voters during 2008 - more than the winning margin in 5 of the past 6 senate races.

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