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  •  Having Lieberman as the swing for 60 (1+ / 0-)
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    Could be a bit of a pain. On the one hand, we might get him for things like pushing through pro-choice SCOTUS nominees (it might be worth it for that alone). On the other, he'd have similar power that he has now with committee assignments. If we are at 60 without him, we can strip the bastard. If we are at 59, we might have to keep him around.

    But in two years he will be off to irrelevancy, and in four, defeated in CT-Sen as we purge Republicans from New England.

    •  Lieberman is a Democrat on most (0+ / 0-)

      issues. The only significant except is Iraq funding. However, when Obama gets in charge, there is little Lieberman can do to keep the war going.

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