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  •  Another Way to 60 (0+ / 0-)

    Another way to 60 is to appoint Republicans. As distasteful as this sounds, Obama has made it clear that he wants to hear opposition viewpoints. It may sound crazy, but appointing McCain or even Lieberman (to assistant level posts) would open up some seats for Democrats. I'm not sure what other appointments might make sense (maybe a Northeast Republican for a cabinet position) but I'm sure folks can speculate.

    •  How about McCain as ambassador to Georgia? (2+ / 0-)
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      filby, RossBleakney

      After all, he's stated that we're all Georgians?  And I'm thinking of Lieberman as ambassador to Israel?  Wouldn't he be a lot better suited to that than zigzagging back and forth to the D convention, the R convention,  etc?

    •  How about we just eliminate the need for 60? (0+ / 0-)

      Just because you have 60 Democrats doesn't mean you have 60 Democratic votes to bludgeon a filibuster. Don't count on party unity on major pieces of legislation like health care, or global warming. The Democrats have a long, long history of being reduced to chaos whenever they're in the majority. The focus should be on electing the most progressive senators, then making parliamentary changes. Senate rules can be modified on a simple majority vote, and that includes the filibuster rule. It used to be 67 votes needed achieve cloture. That was changed in the seventies. Progressives nearly succeeded in abolishing the filibuster completely in the fifties, but in this case merely requiring a filibuster to be a real filibuster, instead of a formality would do the trick. We need rules changes in the Senate, if you want progressive legislation it is never going to happen with the filibuster as it now exists. The hold should be abolished too. Every wave election is generally accompanied by a majority that comes in and changes the rules so their agenda can be more easily enacted, the Republicans did it in 94, Dems did it in 74 and 64.

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