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  •  As a kind of public service announcement......... (11+ / 0-) newbie voters.

    Registration in most states closes on the 6th of October.

    And check to make sure your registration is still valid, if you have been registered before.

    Check even if you voted in the primary---------really, check. Particularly if you are black or live in a black area. The cleaner bees have been hard at work cleaning up all those voter rolls, whole swaths of people have been cleared from voter rolls this election the thousands. You have time to correct it NOW, but not for much longer.

    Call your county registrar, don't rely on the sites online, i have found them unreliable.

    You can get registration forms at post offices, court houses, state tax collectors, many many city, county, state agencies have them available, even some stores have them on their counters.  

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