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    There's a lot of hysteria around here lately.  Yesterday a diary screamed that Tom Brokaw wuz gonna throw Barack under the bus in the next debate.  

    Ifil wrote a book that is, largely, about Obama.  And she's a journalist.  So....maybe she knows a lot about, even admires, Obama, and maybe Brokaw admires McCain, and maybe they can each do their jobs as journalists, in full view of the world, and ask impartial questions.  And if they don't, intelligent viewers will see what's going on.  

    If a candidate's debate performance needs to be spun through a filter of "The moderator is unfair!" then that canddate is kinda little league, wouldn't you say?

    •  Maybe (0+ / 0-)

      I see the point - but is Brokaw releaseing a book about McCain on Innauguration day? And was it really cool for her not to mention her impending book, its subject and release date to the debate commission?

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