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  •  I'll take a stab at the how and why- (0+ / 0-)

    Because I live in Red Country and I hear this stuff a lot.

    One- so many people have totally bought into the "smart is dumb" myth.  Ironically, in the dumbing down of America, we now have people who think that anyone can do anything.  They've totally bought the "Mr. Smith goes to Washington story"  Our school textbooks tell the Abraham Lincoln teaching himself to read by the fireplace and trotting right off to the White House.  They don't understand-maybe they don't want to understand how complicated the world is.

    Two- Many people have bought into the myth that Any American is better (smarter, more handsome) than any other person on the planet.  Americans are inherently superior to anyone from any other country so how difficult can foreign policy really be?

    Three- People have bought into some sort of "Ordained by God Divine destiny" myth.  Americans are God's Chosen people- (you may have thought it was the Jews, but you would be wrong.  Its actually American Christians.)  God has chosen American Christians for some great Work- We did the Manifest Destiny thing, lets tackle the World now.  It's in Gods hands, we can't possibly fail.

    The casual arrogance of these people never ceases to amaze me.

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