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View Diary: Sarah Palin Debate Flow Chart (486 comments)

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  •  Its her "A" game because (0+ / 0-)

    its the only game Sarah Palin has.        If you don't know diddly, or if you believe really weird John Birch Apocalyptic Christian stuff, you have to play the game that Sarah played last night.

    Its the irresponsible press for not saying "Oh my God!   The load of BS that came out of Sarah Palin was the most ever in the history the presidential debates!"   But they don't say what is obvious to the half of the country with a brain.

    •  If I stand ON my Head! (0+ / 0-)

      Only if you consider flunking high school and getting a GED, an "A".

      A Republican "A" is just like a republican bank mortgage backed security bond rated "A", DEFAULTED!

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