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  •  Get Elected, THEN Veer Left! And Will opposes (3+ / 0-)
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    billlaurelMD, jiffykeen, Bronx59

    the Designated Hitter rule, which means he isn't a COMPLETE fascist. Krauthammer is irredeemable, I agree, but a lot of conservatves just can't stomach McCain. Picking Palin alienated a lot of these people. They dislike her the same way they dislike Huckabee: she's too populist. My God, did you hear her throwing the neocon ideology about deregulation under the bus last night? She sounded like Bernie Saunders talking about how much oversight Wall Street needs!

    •  I do agree that Palin made (2+ / 0-)
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      adrianrf, HylasBrook

      a point of trying to make us believe that McCain would work against Wall St and for Main Street, as unbelievable as that is.

      But i believe that Obama will keep the promises he has made, and
      a)oppose single-payer (rational, national) health care.
      b) support more troops in Afghanistan, so that we can "win" there.
      c)Never talk about the criminality of the invasion of Iraq, and pull out troops "responsibly", that is, make sure we leave a "pro-US" government behind, no matter how unpopular that may be for the Iraqis
      d)always support Israeli policies. unconditionally. Obama would more likely question the policies of Vermont and threaten to disown it before he questions the policies of Israel. Never question Israel's nuclear arsenal, and acknowledge it too might be a valid concern to the world (how do you think it sounds to any rational person that Israel's nukes are never mentioned, but US politicians can threaten to obliterate Iran merely for its nuclear power program?)

      I am looking forward to organizing on the streets the change we need under President Obama. We make change we can believe in, not politicians.

      •  Problems with President Obama? I'll take 'em! (0+ / 0-)

        In response to your points:
        a)Let's get to single-payer any way we can. Obama's plan is a first step.
        b)We absolutely need to prevent the Taliban from reimposing a fascist regime in Afghanistan. Even Bush was able to depose them, and the Taliban were so unpopular thet we WERE greeted with relief by most Afghanis. As with Iraq, it was the failure to secure and rebuild the nation that caused the problems we have now. Even so, stability is what the Afghanis want. Whoever offers it will get their support.
        c)The government in Iraq is ALREADY a close ally of Iran. To call it "pro-US is a gross simplification. Once Bush is gone, the main insurgent impetus will be spent anyway. Things will get better there fast. Any troops there should be in danger to the same extent as our troops in Korea. As for "not talking about the criminality" of the war, the Senate passed a resolution enabling the war (after endless Bush/Cheney/Powell lies, it's true). Bush has committed far more obvious crimes than the invasion of Iraq.
        d)"Always support Israeli policies?" I'm not sure even Bush does this now. Lip service is one thing, diplomatic infighting is another. The massive political capital a new President Obama will have will give him a lot of chips to push into the pot in Israel to broker a peaceful solution.

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