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View Diary: Obama Campaign Phonebanks The Deaf Community!!! (213 comments)

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  •  That's a poor example (2+ / 0-)
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    crazyvermonter, josecheung

    A parent's decision on where a child goes for schooling can be stressful to that child.

    What's wrong with allowing a child to see two different schools, for example, Austine School (my alma mater) and Clarke School, and then deciding which one appeals to them more? Why is this so wrong?

    I'll agree to disagree but not a day goes by where I'm not grateful for choice I was given as a child. I feel that I have been very successful academically as well.

    Conservatives are close-minded, shallow, superficial people that live in a fantasy world where everything is black and white and there are NO shades of gray.

    by Brad007 on Fri Oct 03, 2008 at 09:38:38 AM PDT

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    •  I'm glad you were given a choice (2+ / 0-)
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      HiBob, loralei

      but your parents decided to make that choice to let you choose. That's their prerogative as parents. They also have the right to choose the education they want for you. That's what parenting is.

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