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  •  except the gays, of course. (1+ / 0-)
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    super pro-obama here, and have been moved to tears by his successes, but i just want to make sure that we call a spade a spade and make PERFECTLY CLEAR that both obama and biden have now said on national television in highly publicized forums (last night for biden, the faith forum for obama) that they believe that gay people don't deserve the same rights as straight people.  so, i'm a big fan of both of them, but at the same time, i also feel inclined to say that they can both go fuck themselves.  (but not each other, of course, that would make them less-than-citizens)

    •  They have explicitly said just the opposite (3+ / 0-)
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      Obama/Biden are for equal civil rights for gay couples.  The same rights, not different rights.

      Presidents do not have constitutional authority to say what "marriage" is -- that is a religious standard.  And to the extent that there is civil authority involved, it does not operate at the federal level.

      Look, if we can agree on an ideal outcome -- civil unions for everyone, with the theology of "marriage" left to whatever religious institutions you may or may not want to align yourself with, then it is a question of what these people will do in office.

      Yes, Biden and Palin "agreed" in principle.  But we all know that their actions will be diametrically opposed.  Supreme Court appointees will either be reactionaries who prevent any reading of civil rights in the constitution as binding on the states, or they will be justices who do not shrink from giving substantive force of law to constitutional rights and protections.

      by Cool Blue Reason on Fri Oct 03, 2008 at 11:19:50 AM PDT

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