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View Diary: Early voting in South Florida: Already FUBAR! (154 comments)

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  •  Hey kook (3.83)
    Hey freak.  Hey anger-nut-case.  Get over it.

    I still say that at this very fucking second the United States is not a Democracy.  George Bush and the USSC trashed it.

    I've been margianalized, written off, sneered at, and called a sore loser countless times.   An anger case, a freak, a weirdo ranting about votes and Democracy in the US.

    Here we are four years later and of course precisely the same issues and questions are with us, for if predictably Bush didn't take democracy seriously our corporate media certainly didn't.

    Will your vote count? the incredible assholes at Newsweek asked just a week ago.  Hey Einstein's, it's a little fucking late to ask, you know. The bill was in Congress three years ago that gave us these infernal machines.  It never mattered to them until it was far too late.

    Times like these are when I desperately want to emigrate.  It's the fucking lying, denial and dishonesty that galls me so.  It would be one thing to live under a dictatorship, shoulder the burdens and live.

    It's quite another to live in a semi-dictatorship of Bush and have the war felon constntly espouse deomcracy while he shits on it--even here at home!  The media never seems to notice the contradiction of Bush's foreign policy rants:  Democracy will promote freedom and safety.  Total bullshit, all of it.  They also never point out the US's problems, or if they do it's far too late.  This internal lying and denail just drives me up the wall.

    Thanks a lot, Newsweek.  Idiot scumbags.

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