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View Diary: Early voting in South Florida: Already FUBAR! (154 comments)

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  •  Win Despite the System (none)
    We must win not because of the system but despite it...

    Look there isnt much point in complaining. I complained earlier but get it out of your systems here and then hit the streets, phones, LTE's.  All we can do is get as many voters as we can to the polls.  

    I am glad that this is not discouraging any kossacks yet.  But remember there will be resistence to voting from the electorae ho dont want to go through the hassel.  The best thing to do is get them to a poll station early. Let them vote.  Dont worry about stuff like oh it wont count, it doesnt matter whether we vote or not.  Believe me, it will.  We need every vote casted early and locked in.  The first option should be please vote early (TODAY!!).   This will free up election day for voters we cant reach early.  Also, once someone has voted they are vested.  They care what happened to their vote.

    After a point you have to trust the system and the candidate (in my case its more the candidate than the system).  JFK  has a run a pretty decent campaign so far.  The DNC has exceeded expectations.  They were burned last time. The DNC is better prepared.  If we want them to fight fo us, we have to fight for them.  To borrow an analogy from Kerry (which he got from kos) We vote to load the gun, the campaign will not shoot itself in the foot like Bushit did.

    GOTV.  Lots and lots of votes for Kerry means even if there are glitches Kerry leads and wins.  

    Nothing will be achieved by not voting. Nothing will be achieved by giving up.  VOTE! GOTV!

    Let this tread not be one where there are complains about the system, let it be one that inspires to win despite the system.

    •  so true! (none)

      NYC Dept of Peace Campaign / The best way to destroy an enemy is to make him a friend - Abraham Lincoln

      by WagePeace on Mon Oct 18, 2004 at 01:02:48 PM PDT

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    •  Right On!!! (none)
      Primaries don't matter. Conventions don't matter. Debates don't matter. Soon polls and TV spots won't matter either.

      The number of people who touch the screen or pull the lever for Kerry matters.  

      And the more shenanigans, the more numbers we need.  

      We CAN win Florida. Just think - even with all the b.s. they came up with last time - before we even knew to watch them - they could only muster 537 more votes than we did!

      Massive turnout in Democratic precincts will win Florida and the White House.

      what would joe rauh do?

      by nbutter on Mon Oct 18, 2004 at 02:13:17 PM PDT

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    •  WHY are they trying to steal your vote? (none)
      YES, YES, YES!

      It's not over til it's over, and if they cheat their way into second junta, we'll just have to deal with that then.


      Don't take ANY state for granted.  No complacency!  We need every vote!

      I repeat from other posts:  They wouldn't be trying to steal your vote IF IT WASN'T STILL WORTH STEALING!

      Tell people that:  They're cheating every way they can, WHICH MEANS THAT YOUR VOTE IS STILL IMPORTANT!

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