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  •  not sure what you mean re teachers. I was there (2+ / 0-)
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    Meteor Blades, JG in MD

    in early 1960s.  We had a strike to be allowed to have collective bargaining.  I'd been to a teachers college and was told "teachers are professionals;we don't need unions.".  Next year we had to strike to get a good contract.  Then a law was passed in NYS (Taylor Law) outlawing strikes by public employees.  

    College professors, who had been mainly men in many departments (I was told in 1964 that I'd never get a job in a college as a woman.  I was a history major in grad school but wanted to go to art anyway.).  The pay scale was higher than school teachers at lower levels.

    Teaching:college or lower levels is an incredibly underpaid profession.  Oddly, I remember learning when typewriters were invented, women replace men as secretaries and the wages slide way down.

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