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    Obama emphasize the part of his job creation plan that centers on rebuilding the nation's infrastructure? That's the money. That's the part that can boost the economy overnight. Developing clean energy technologies is important but it can't help by Christmas. Infrastructure rebuilding can.

    Now, this is probably something that people will jump all over, but I suggest using the phrase "You can't build bridges in Birmingham from an office in Bangalore." I know, we don't want to play off of resentment toward other countries that are advancing even when it's at our cost, because,'s hateful. So, I would precede that by acknowledging that people around the world work hard and want better lives for their families and are to be commended for all they've accomplished, but we are hurting right here in America and we have the ability now, today, to create jobs that cannot be shipped overseas, and those jobs are about rebuilding America. America must be rebuilt, it must be renewed, and we can do it and we can do it immediately. It's not a question of "Can we?" It's a question of "Will we?"

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