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  •  $36,000 a year for health insurance (1+ / 0-)
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    $3000 a month. I ran a quote out of morbid curiosity two years ago just to see how much private insurance was going to cost us. This was for a family plan that came with a $3000 deductible, covered very little and had co-insurance on everything.

    The private market would make insurance impossible even if we passed the pre-existing condition clauses that we probably would not.

    Driving 7 hours to Canada to pay out of pocket might end up cheaper. I guess we just hope nobody gets hit by a car or has a heart attack?

    Just the taxes on our employer sponsored plan would leave us with maybe a $1000 credit under McCain's plan. That additional tax burden would also be almost as much as we end up owing in taxes in a year anyway.

    Why are the health care advocacy groups not screaming about this on TV???

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