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    It matters very little what the odds were of such a large discrepancy "by chance only." What we actually want to know is what caused the discrepancy.

    If you think (for instance) that Kerry won PA by double digits, you'd be better off presenting some evidence beyond the exit polls.

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      Are Rove's Missing E-mails the Smoking Guns of the Stolen 2004 Election?


      1. Ultimately, however, it is the GOP's computerized control of the vote count that may have been decisive. And here is where Rove's e-mails, and the wee hours of the morning after the election, are crucial.

      Despite the massive disenfranchisement of Ohio Democrats, there is every indication John Kerry won Ohio 2004. Exit polls shown on national television at 12:20am gave Kerry a clear lead in Ohio, Iowa, Nevada and New Mexico. These "purple states" were Democratic blue late in the night, but, against virtually impossible odds, all turned Bush red by morning.

      Along the way, Gahanna, Ohio's "loaves & fishes" vote count, showed 4,258 ballots for Bush in a precinct where just 638 people voted.

      But the most critical reversals may have come as exit polls indicated that despite massive Democratic disenfranchisement, and even with preliminary vote count manipulations, Kerry would win Ohio by 4.2%, a margin well in excess of 200,000 votes.

      The key to that reversal may be electronic. It has now become widely known that the same web-hosting firm that served a range of GOP websites, including the one for the Republican National Committee, also hosted the official site that Blackwell used to report the Ohio vote count.

      This astonishing conflict of interest has been reported at the on-line investigative service. Cross-postings have come from luaptifer at Dailykos and blogger Joseph Cannon's They all confirm that the RNC tech network's hosting firm is, based in Chattanooga, Tennessee. SMARTech hosts, and among other Republican web domains, in a bank basement.

      Furthermore, the same hosting site that handled redirections from Blackwell's "official" site also handled the White House e-mail accounts that have become central to investigations of the Gonzales purge of eight federal prosecutors, some of whom were themselves involved in vote fraud investigations.

      But overall, the electronic record of every vote in Ohio was transmitted to the Secretary of State's office, and hosted in real time in Chattanooga. Under such circumstances, the joint hosting of the White House e-mail system and accessibility by Blackwell and Rove to the same computer networks linked to the Ohio vote count, takes on an added dimension.

      Mike Connell, a Republican computer expert, helped create the software for both Ohio's official 2004 election web site, and for the Bush campaign's partisan web site during the 2000 election. The success of Connell's GovTech Solutions has been attributed by Connell to his being "loyal to my network," including the Bush family.

      Blackwell shared those loyalties. Like Connell, he worked for the Bush-Cheney campaign, serving as its Ohio co-chair. He was also in control of the vote count that was being reported on software Bush loyalist Connell helped design.

      It was in a crucial period after midnight on election night 2004 that these paired conflicts of interest may have decided the election. As exit polls showed a decisive Kerry victory, there was an unexplained 90-minute void in official reporting of results. By this time, most of the vote counts were coming in from rural areas, which are traditionally Republican, and which, ironically, usually report their results earlier than the Democratic urban areas.

      In this time span, Kerry's lead morphed into a GOP triumph. To explain this "miraculous" shift, Rove invented a myth of the greatest last-second voting surge in US history, allegedly coming from late-voting fundamentalist Republicans. No significant evidence exists to substantiate this claim. In fact, local news reports indicate the heaviest turnouts in most rural areas came early on election day, rather than later.

      In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act -- George Orwell

      by jamess on Sat Oct 04, 2008 at 07:40:59 PM PDT

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        Maybe Mikey is a Loyal Bushie, after all?

        In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act -- George Orwell

        by jamess on Sat Oct 04, 2008 at 07:42:10 PM PDT

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        Exit polls shown on national television at 12:20 am? Who was showing exit polls at 12:20 am? Returns had been arriving from Ohio for over 4 hours at that point.

        I can't imagine what Fitrakis and Wasserman were doing on Election Night, but the notion that Kerry was ahead until "an unexplained 90-minute void in official reporting" just doesn't wash. A lot of us were hoping Kerry would pull ahead in Ohio, but that doesn't mean that he was ahead.

        None of these states was "Democratic blue late in the night."

        It also isn't the case that the exit polls "showed a decisive Kerry victory" -- each of these states was too close to call, even assuming that the exit polls were perfect.

        Some folks may think that the web-hosting system somehow manipulated the vote totals, but so far no one has presented evidence. Spoonamore cites the "Connally anomaly," which turns out not to be anomalous. Even if there were good evidence that the results in those counties were wrong, that wouldn't be much reason to blame the web-hosting.

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