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View Diary: Biden More Impressed with Obama now than Ever (212 comments)

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  •  LOL it was my thought reading the article (9+ / 0-)

    i kept thinking i would email him to give him heck for such a short one lol. Want more pages!

    Biden was always my pick for the veep position having followed him over the years.  When Obama told him he couldn't look at it as a step down but a cap in his career, i knew what he meant bc Biden has an extremely healthy ego, he was not kidding when he said he was the best choice to be president, he believed it viscerally. Obama knew that Joe needed to know that it wasn't going to be a figurehead position for him.  Most ppl would assume its a great honor and important capstone to their career but joe has more respect for it than just the title.  He knew it could be something to be great at or it could be a place to shuffle off and do nothing much important. He has seen powerful and also empty vp's.  

    I love me some Obama but Biden was my ideal as a politician for years even when i disagreed with him.  

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