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  •  It is a myth that America is conservative (1+ / 0-)
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    Often-repeated, but still a myth. Amerioa is a much more mixed bag than that. For some examples, please see:

    "Pragmatic Americans Liberal and Conservative on Social Issues"

    "Poll: How Liberal or Conservative Are Americans?"

    "Are Americans Liberal?"

    Finally, surveys consistently show that young people are much more liberal and more inclusive than their elders, so America is almost certainly going to move further left in the coming years. The Reagan movement of American conservatism probably reached its post-Reagan peak in 1994 (I say "post-Reagan" because, while he was around, there was quite a bit of cult-of-personality to it -- ironic, considering how the Rethugs mock Obama's popularity). Only the Rethugs' cynical use of anti-Clinton sentiments and fear (of terrorism and war) have sustained it since, and even those are no longer have lost much of their effect on the hearts and minds of Americans.

    •  Correction to last sentence (2+ / 0-)
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      Bronx59, Rock Ape

      "...and even those have lost much of their effect on the hearts and minds of Americans."

      And that first line should say "America" rather than "Amerioa," obviously.

      (All I want for Christmas is a DKos that lets you edit comments, like all the other communities in which I participate. Argh.)

    •  Conservative as in resistant to change (0+ / 0-)

      ...not as in supporting the Repug radical right agenda.

      Coinage worth so little that people don't bother picking up when dropped, while dollar coin and getting rid of penny are vehemently resisted is a visible example.

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