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View Diary: My Time in the U.K., Their Hopes and Fears (78 comments)

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  •  I've yet to meet a Brit who isn't hoping (2+ / 0-)
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    aufklaerer, dansmith17

    for Obama, other than unrepentant racists (we do have 'em). I live at the other end of the socioeconomic scale (poor/working-class neighbourhood, middle-class co-workers), and in one of the country's most racially diverse cities. The hope is palpable. People ask us about him all the time--"do you think Americans will vote for him?"
    They also hope that a shift to the left in the US could mean the same here. People are fed up with NuLabour, enough so that some are being hoodwinked into voting for the "kinder, gentler" Conservatives. No one who actually reads their policies and has a clue would vote them in, but they are as good at fooling people as the Republicans are. It's hard to blame them when Labour has become such a disappointment.

    Props for Liverpool footie songs--I still prefer Sunderland. My god, those lads could sing... we used to live about 15 blocks from the grounds and on a match day you could hear them almost all the way to the coastline. And if you were lucky enough to be in the stadium, wow!
    BTW, my son loves haggis... go figure.

    Political Compass says: -8.88, -8.67
    "We never sold out cos no one would buy."--J Neo Marvin

    by expatyank on Tue Oct 07, 2008 at 12:27:05 AM PDT

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    •  Starts to remind me of 1997 (0+ / 0-)

      All the hope and the nervousness and then we won so big.

      Unfortunatly 10-11 years later so disapointed.

      Yes there is a long list of things the Tories would never have done Minimum Wage etc but there is too much on the other side as well.

      But for our American friends even if you are disapointed in 2016 it will still be better than the alternative.

    •  Gerard Baker, The Times' (UK) US editor is (0+ / 0-)

      ass licking Palin -- that's one Brit who's asslicking Palin and McCain

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