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  •  Cumbria is drop-dead gorgeous (0+ / 0-)

    I lived in Tyne and Wear for my first seven years in the UK and highly recommend the North in general. Just got up to the highlands of Scotland for the first time this summer and, wow.
    Though I did have one of those "dumb Americans" moments, this time featuring my mom, God bless her... She asked the driver why this beautiful area was so sparsely populated. Doh!
    Part of our own family was driven out of the Islands (further to the north) in the Highland Clearances, in which landowners replaced small farmers and fishermen with sheep, forcibly, depopulating vast swathes of the nation. In England proper, the same process went on with the Enclosure Acts. Which is why this lovely country is so "crowded" today--a very few families still own the vast majority of the land, the UK has never had a proper revolution and land reform.

    Political Compass says: -8.88, -8.67
    "We never sold out cos no one would buy."--J Neo Marvin

    by expatyank on Tue Oct 07, 2008 at 12:48:53 AM PDT

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