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  •  I work in it and it is miles better than in 97 (1+ / 0-)
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    A lot of the stuff about patients can not get life saving drugs is about "life-saving" drugs that were only released this year, we are not sure if they work, sometimes do not yet have a liscence at all for that use, etc etc etc.

    The stories are drummed up by PR for big Pharma trying to bully hospitals into using them. The families of desperate people get swept up in it understandably but most of it is hype.

    How many insurance companies in the US will pay for unlimited courses of Drugs which the FDA have not yet liscened?

    They do seem to be in a no win position re control though, everyone argues decisions should be made locally. Then when decisions are made and they are different, everyone complains abut a ZIP code lottery. You can have local decision or the same decision you can not allow everyone flexibility but expect them to agree the same priorities!

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