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  •  i think he should use humor (0+ / 0-)

    I have no doubt that Brokaw will use the Palin "Pallin around with terrorists" quote in a question. I think Obama should highlight the absurdity of that with a one-liner response like "Actually I just had a latte at Starbucks with Osama bin Ladin; but seriously, McCain has criticized my policy of trying to capture Osama as being too aggressive. I will repeat what I said at the last debate, McCain says he will follow Osama to the gates of hell, but in reality he won't even try to capture him in the caves where he lives."

    Ok that was pretty lame on the humor front, but just make a complete joke out of the idea that while our country is falling apart, McCain and Palin are spending time on smearing Obama with BS guilt-by-association.

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