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View Diary: TODAY: ACORN Office raided in Nevada (40 comments)

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    What I'm saying is that in any drive that gathers 1.3 million registrations some are going to be bad. They are bad because people wanted to get paid for doing no work.

    Further most states require you to turn in all the cards you gather whether they are bad or not. ACORN does this and segregates the bad cards with notes about what the problems are. This is an open and transparent operation and all the County registrars know this because ACORN staff meet with them repeatedly.

    In this case specifically it is worse because ACORN flagged all the problems themselves, showed them to the proper authorities and cooperated with investigations. This is a media stunt.

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      So I hadn't realized I was speaking directly with Project Vote staff.  Obviously, you're in a better position to understand the what's going on than most people, including myself.

      Assuming that an actual, serious criminal investigation has started, are you sure that the raid wouldn't merely be due diligence in conducting an investigation of voter fraud that has the Nevada ACORN office at its epicenter?

      I hope ACORN will be cleared of wrongdoing in short order.

      However, if something like this happens in some states, in every election cycle, then something needs to be changed.

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        KenBee, Snarcalita

        your rational approach to this discussion. Beats listening to the ravings of wingnuts.

        One point on the "it happens every cycle". It's a coordinated and concerted effort to engage in voter suppression. That's all. It has nothing to do with a very very very few bad cards and everything to do with conservatives being scared to death of new voters. That's what the whole US Attorney's scandal was about.

        This PV postis the best succinct round-up of how all this plays out every election cycle.

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