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View Diary: Let's put the shoe on the other foot for a minute. (313 comments)

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  •  Because we know enough (4+ / 0-)

    to check the facts.  The GOPers just react.  Without knowing a darn thing about what they're reacting to.  It's visceral.  

    Damn it. Enough. I've had enough. And boy, does that word enough look weird when you type it enough times.

    by klnb1019 on Tue Oct 07, 2008 at 03:38:57 PM PDT

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    •  Question: (3+ / 0-)
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      mataliandy, dnamj, Norbrook

      Would you be bothered if your Candidate, say Obama (big guess there) was running smears against McCain that you knew were false, but it was helping him win the election?

      I'm just wondering.  My own opinion, its much more unethical and dangerous to let McCain win the Presidency, so I think the ends here would justify the means (lying, or smearing).

      "I believe marriage should be a sacred institution between two unwilling teenagers." Tina Fey as Palin.

      by fearisthemindkiller on Tue Oct 07, 2008 at 03:43:11 PM PDT

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