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View Diary: Tampa papers blast McCain: "erratic," "reckless," "dangerous" (Updated) (238 comments)

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    McCain told us he could fix bad mortgages with a snap of his fingers, fix health care at no net cost, and maintain the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, all while cutting taxes. He tried to reassure us about Osama bin Laden, saying, "I know how to get him."

    On the looming problem of how to pay for the nation's over-promised retirement program, McCain said, "It's not that hard to fix Social Security."

    Of course it's going to be hard.

    Add unrealistic and unserious to erratic and unfocused, and we're done here.

    14th-biggest a-hole on Daily Kos!

    by MBNYC on Thu Oct 09, 2008 at 06:29:20 AM PDT

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