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View Diary: Tampa papers blast McCain: "erratic," "reckless," "dangerous" (Updated) (238 comments)

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  •  I grew up in Tampa and I'm happy to see the (5+ / 0-)

    Tampa Trib and St. Pete Times finally pulling thier collective heads out of their asses. All my relatives I talk to back there are voting for Obama and are utterly sick of Bush and the Republicans. My father is retired Air Force (20+ years) and McCain was his man in 2000 but he doesn't recognize the out of touch flip flopper pulling it out of thin air policies and is going to vote Obama--his first Democrat Presidential vote ever. He also thought the Iraq war was downright stupid. My Mom is backing Obama and she's backed both Repubs and Dems at the Presidential level but realizes our nation is going in the wrong direction. My sister, a moderate Christian and also pro-gay rights (cuz her brother is gay, that's me :), as are some of her best friends) is also voting Obama and she voted for Bush in 2000 but not 2004. All my cousins are also voting Obama and most of them could be classified as Reagan Democats or Libertarian leaning Independents; most of them voted for Bush both times but think McCain would be a disaster, especially if he died and Palin had to step up to the plate.

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