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View Diary: ABC News: U.S. Officers Wiretapped, Phone Sex Recorded (22 comments)

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    One of the biggest attacks to our civil liberties -- well not even an attack but a REMOVAL of our civil liberties -- and nobody really seems to pay much attention.


    •  So we've been "softened up" (1+ / 0-)
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      or whatever the phrases are to describe the desensitizing of our visceral repellent responses to bloodshed and being lied to. I've been reading old articles where people had finally started to come out and say "Bush lies" rather than all the dismissive euphemisms reporters and others used in the nationalistic fervor following 9/11.

      Then, people were shocked to hear of government spying, but now we are inured to it, expecting it, accepting it.

      Just as so many now accept drug testing for employment--a violation of your rights, but rarely do people protest, but just accept it.

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        And with 700 billion being given away so freely, now other amounts of money don't seem so big.  Like it went totally under the radar that we GAVE 7.5 billion to Detroit auto companies during the whole "debate" about the 700Billion.

        also 700 billion is more than we've spent so far on the Iraq war, so suddenly the Iraq war doesn't seem quite so outrageously expensive.

        They also passed a record-huge budget bill, with a record amount of billions for the Pentagon and war operations during this whole "debate" and nobody hardly said a word.  The media barely covered it.  

        Same thing going on there, softening up.  Great way to put it

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