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  •  Redistricting Florida (0+ / 0-)

    Not that we can, since the statehouse is (mostly) out of reach, but where could we make some serious gains?  I'm thinking, as a non-native, that we would:

    1. Unpack Castor's district in Tampa--giving much of it to Districts 9 and 12.  Bill Young's will come around with retirement
    1. Break up Corinne Brown's seat and ungerrymander the Gainesville area so that Brown-Waite's seat looks like the old Karen Thurman seat--Run Karen Thurman in that seat.  Add some of Jacksonville from Ander Crenshaw's seat if necessary and have him either take some of the non-Tallahassee 2nd from Allen Boyd or some red precincts from the 6th.  That makes Crenshaw's district even more solid R, but I'll take it.
    1. On opposite coasts, do something about the 7th and 13th.  They are PVI +3 and +4 respectively, and should be able to be moderated.  The 13th could shed its eastern counties to the already Republican 14th. Do something...not sure what...about CD 15.
    1. Moderately unpack (as much as possible with the VRA in effect) Kendrick Meek's district, giving its southern end to the 18th. Make Wexler SLIGHTLY less safe by shifting some precincts west to give to the 23rd and 25th. Ditto Hastings (making both Mahoney safer and Mario Diaz-Balart less safe (or more so for Joe Garcia).

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