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    Look McCain in the eye and say: "Senator McCain is trying to make hay out of a completely tangential relationship I had with William Ayers which, from the time I met Mr. Ayers till now, has had no impact on the policies I support, the votes I have cast, or the way I have run my campaigns.  Now look at the impact of some of Senator McCain's close relationships, and how those relationships have destroyed the lives, careers, and finances of thousands of Americans.  John McCain vacationed with Charles Keating, took his campaign contributions.  His wife invested in Keating's schemes.  The senator met with regulators on Keating's behalf solely to influence those regulators to Keating's advantage.  The end result: Thousands lost their savings and the taxpayers had to bail out the S&Ls.  And he didn't learn from that shady association either.  Senator McCain's main economic advisor is Phil Gramm, Vice chairman of banking giant UBS.  Phil Gramm wrote, with the banking industry's support, the bill which deregulated the banks and the financial services industries which led to the reckless business practices in those industries.  That deregulation was the PRIME CAUSE of the financial meltdown we have seen in this country, the PRIME CAUSE of Congress having to bail out Wall Street.  There's no excusing the acts William Ayers committed while I was just a child, but there's also no excusing the associations John McCain chose to make while he was a grown man, an elected official.  It speaks to his lack of judgment.  It speaks to him not going to work every day for the American people, but for the fat cat campaign contributors and lobbyists, the same companies we are bailing out today."

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