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View Diary: WA-08: It's Still a Tough One (78 comments)

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    to Darcy, just now. Her district is the one next to mine (Seattle). She is someone to watch, and we desperately need her to get rid of Reichert. You are absolutely right that the local media has kind of given him a pass, mostly because he keeps his more controversial opinions to himself. If more people in his district knew more about him, he would be less popular. Bellevue is Republican-heavy, even in an overall blue part of the country, but they tend to be latte-drinking, lexus-driving, pro-choice country club republicans, not the witch-burning, speaking-in-tongues, young earth creationist variety, and wouldn't hold with bullshit like refusing to dispense contraceptives if they knew more about it.

    The issue of cell-phone-only households is huge. There are a lot of us out here (myself included), and I always wonder how, and if, those are taken into account in polling.

    On the bright side, my girlfriend's father, who owns a jewelry store in Bellevue, has been keeping an informal poll of how his customers (country club Republicans, all) intend to vote, and it's 3 to 1 Obama. Here's hoping President Obama has long coattails.

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