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    pucknomad, Killer of Sacred Cows

    These things that are excluded from civil unions that a marriage enjoys include that whole range of social esteem and the respect due to that commitment that either cannot be adequately represented in the law, or that should not be represented in the law, in part, because civil unions lack a significant cultural history.  As I understand civil rights in general, they are those things or effects which you demand from others, on the condition that they demand those same things as well.  One is certainly justified in demanding this sort of unquantifiable respect and esteem, as it is expected of him or her to respect these commitments of others in a like manner.  It doesn't mean people aren't going to treat "gay marriages" differently than "straight marriages."  It does mean that this court won't let the currently empowered vocal minority use the State to hide their bigotry behind a dysphemism.

    While the voices of dissent are many, reason has but one voice. -lizardbox

    by Nellebracht on Fri Oct 10, 2008 at 12:27:36 PM PDT

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