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View Diary: Connecticut Supreme Court: Marriage Can't Discriminate (201 comments)

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    Killer of Sacred Cows

    The Field poll just a few weeks ago showed a healthy opposition to Prop. 8, the amendment to the California Constitution to ban gay marriages. Now, however, polls show it leading. The Right Wing has run a massive TV campaign the last 2 weeks. Opponents of Prop. 8 need money and here is where you can donate.
    I live in Houston, not California, so I have not seen the ads. I do know that they run footage of Kevin Newsome looking arrogant. That is changing the subject from the issue to an individual.
    Supports of Prop. 8 are said to have raised some $25 million and it is claimed that 80 % of this comes from out of state. Opponents have raised about $15 million. So please donate.
    The Connecticut decision is likely to heat things up.
    Any victory of the Right Wing in California would be a new supply of oxygen for them. The Politics of Intolerance must be defeated at every opportunity.

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