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View Diary: Webb: Obama will win Virginia; Comments on crowd ugliness at GOP rallies (204 comments)

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    Put hspace=10 in your image statement (between img and src= would be good) so that the text doesn't touch your image.  Kinda like this:

     title= Senator Jim Webb was in Charlottesville today to endorse Tom Perriello, who is the Democratic candidate in VA-05 against Virgil Goode.

    I was really looking forward to meeting Senator Webb for the first time, and he was gracious enough to give me a few moments of his time for an interview (he was already late for his next appointment), where I blog.

    Interviewing Sen. Webb is a different kind of experience. Usually, when you interview a politician, they just keep talking until you ask the next question. After you ask Sen. Webb a question, however, he takes a moment to actually think, then he gives you a direct answer, then he stops talking and waits for you to ask the next question.

    The big news: Virginia is looking better and better not only for Obama, but for downticket races as well. The fact that we are ... what ... three or four weeks from Election Day and still talking about the legitimate possibility that the Democratic candidate in VA-05 could beat Virgil Goode is quite amazing.

    Text of my brief interview with Webb on the flip.

    It just looks a little cleaner.  ;-)

    i am jack's complete lack of surprise -- fight club

    by bustacap on Fri Oct 10, 2008 at 09:28:13 PM PDT

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