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    In my state the deadline has now come and gone.  I spent my time registering at the local university.  There were quite a few students who were not absolutely sure whether or not their previous registrations were still valid, either because of a change of address within the same district, or not totally understanding the rules. Some were in re-hab from other states and wanted to vote, there were a lot of reasons to suggest individuals registered again if they were not certain, believing that the exact same data would not be entered twice.  Of course as identification is not required  at registration that would be veriified at the polls on election day.

    We had been told at our training that we should err on the side of making sure the individual registered, that the proper identification would be sorted out on election day. WE were told to urge early voting, mail in voting as well.

    That of course meant that we would have to trust that the local election board would function efficiently and that on the day there would be sufficient oversight to ensure a reasonably accurate vote.

    So, I feel i did the best I could under the circumstances of a not perfect system.  

    During the campaign I have become increasingly confident that the Obama machine has the matter as well in hand as can be protected and will fight to the death for every contested vote.

    We have to have some trust. If individuals are willing to commit a felony or misdemeanour by messing up the voter rolls that is all part of the personal responsibility and acountability that this time around we are all being asked to consider.  There never will be 100% accuracy, deliberate and sytematic fraud is a totally different matter.

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