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View Diary: "We could lose, I suppose, if they cheat us out of it" and Other Tales of Republican Delusion (224 comments)

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    Evil Betty

    Talk radio and Fox News. These unhinged haters now have major corporate media giving respectability for their views. They are told repeatedly on the radio that they are some sort of oppressed majority instead of the fringe that they are. For the last eight years they have been told to fall in line behind Glorious Leader Bush. For the next eight they will be told how our President and Congress are godless terrorists who are going to destroy everything good and holy if they are not stopped.

    Islamic terrorists would just be frustrated young men if not for a segment of their society valorizing their murderous acts. Talk radio and Fox News are the fertilizer that will grow a new generation of White Christian terrorists by feeding them lies and telling them that their rage is justified and righteous.

    These people are going to start blowing shit up.

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