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  •  ..they said they (4.00)
     Why is it every single time i see the footage or the quote of Kerry saying the "raped, cut off ears, cot off heads,..." line they always omit the first part of it?

     Because leaving the "they said they" part changes whole context of that quote from an accusation to reporting.

     I don't have to read this transcript any further than this to know that this is strictly a hatchet job on Kerry.  It takes this kind of mindset to go out of their way to deliberately cut one second off the beginning of that quote.  This is nothing more than people lying to try to change history.

    •  cutting off one second... (none)
      ...just like the endlessly played clip from Kerry's debate answer on homosexuality always omits the first part, "We are all God's children." They go right for the mention of Cheney's daughter. Including the reference to God might make him a bit less scary to the Christian Republicans watching...

      "We -- even we here -- hold the power, and bear the responsibility." --A. Lincoln

      by uffdalib on Wed Oct 20, 2004 at 07:15:07 PM PDT

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