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  •  Yes, atrocities (none)
    The draft ended the year before it would have got to me, but my cousin went and there was plenty of nasty stuff on all sides. Another friend of mine was fighting in Cambodia back when we weren't officially there yet. He's still a bit psychotic.

    I don't know if our ground troops went berzerk on the Germans as we went in in WWII (our airforce had certainly had fun with firebombing non-military "targets" before then), but all wars, all wars ever, between peoples of markedly different civilizations (as compared to America - an essentially Germanic culture as the Angles and Saxons were both German tribes - and Germany) have included vile acts on all sides.

    For that matter, the reason the holocaust is viewed as horrific by most Americans is because Jews were accepted into the White tribe here (in opposition to the Native Americans and slaves) in a way that never quite happened in Europe - thus we see Israelis as "us" just as much as we see the British as close cousins - while most Europeans would as soon see Isreal fall to Muslim bandits.

    There's probably no way we can continue in Iraq without continuing in atrocities there, for that matter. If we avoided them in the first Gulf War, that was only because it was brief and without much civilian engagement.

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