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  •  Watch what is going to happen (none)
    Between now and election day (and the machine is already gearing up with Hannity giving them pre-show airtime...they are going to do the same thing they did with the Swift Boat stuff....even if discredited, they will keep on repeating it.  The Swifties were discredited by Nightline, but that didn't bother O'Neill...he just claimed ABC got all of its story from a "closed society" and didn't read the books he kept holding up.

    People see books....they hear Kerry is trying to cover up the story....they watch a show in which, as has just been noted, film clips are carefully edited to show you one part of a statement wh ich completely alters the meaning....

    and between now and election day, like Mary Cheney, like "global trust," like "letting other nations decide our fate", and now like "proposing a program of socialized medicine", they will lie and twist and keep saying it over and over and unless we fight back hard....they will try and swing people's minds and create mistrust of Kerry.....

    This may be a place where the Big Dog can provide some cover and tell the American public that they are watching the last desperate efforts of a President who has no program, no clue and absolutely no morals.

    There is hard work ahead.....

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