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View Diary: Eliot Spitzer: Bush Shielded Subprime Lender's! (40 comments)

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  •  I couldn't care less who Spitzer slept with. (0+ / 0-)

    However, I do care that he paid a hooker in a manner which may be illegal, thereby exposing himself and all of his accomplishments to legal retribution.

    Like it or not (and I personally don't), we in America have a fairly puritanical standard regarding sexual morality. Tell me with a straight face that you didn't find John Edwards cheating on his spouse more than a little repellant. This is electoral arsenic.

    And, sure, IOKIYAR is alive and well. David Vitter is the prime example, and the fact that anyone in America listens to Newt Gingrich without blowing chunks is mind-boggling. But there it is. Like your mother probably told you growing up, you need to be better, smarter, more honest than all the other kids if you want to get ahead. That's just life in the age of two-faced corrupt corporate media.

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