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  •  My fear is (2+ / 0-)
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    since it has been posited that the plausible "adjusted" percentage of votes they set up last time (2006) was not enough, as they had not predicted the Democratic victory, that Karl has not exactly been sitting around in a stupor.  He has learned from his miscalculation.  He studies voter info precinct by precinct and adjusts accordingly.  He's had that much more time to hone the technology.  He has good estimating abilities and it doesn't take a genuius to see that there will be a huge turnout for Obama.  He just needs to concentrate on the few key areas where people will believe the "winning" margin of Republican votes.  The iffy ones.  Certain critical states, like Colorado, are already being worked on. Florida has outlawed a recount. Since he knows that the accepted view that post-voting polls are pretty accurate suddenly stopped being true in 2004, he doesn't have to worry about that aspect.  Remember, in 2004, Ohio and Florida were enough to throw the whole thing.  He has defeated candidates who were ahead by double digits in the past.  Everything, every tactic, every bit of (overwhelming) evidence, including the testimony of the whistleblower IT guys at Diebold, is in the book "Loser Take All".  One expert said it would only take two or three guys to throw a Presidential election, given the tabulating systems we have in place, which are owned by the same companies as the voting machines (Republican supporters), and the incredible ease with which it could be done, technically.  Karl and Co.'s best weapon is the refusal of people to believe it. And their inability to do anything about it after it's done.  Once all the votes were finally, painstakingly counted and it became apparent that Gore had won, did Bush get removed from office?  No.  It's always, "Move on, figure out what we did wrong, try to be more like Republicans, don't be a tin-foil hatter, don't let them accuse you of being a sore loser, etc."  Ever since I started coming to this site in 2004 to assuage my bitterness and find hope, the belief that those elections were stolen and could be again has been given little respect.  People who have gone out and pulled votes out of the trash behind polling places and demonstrated that a machine could be hacked using any file-cabinet key, or remotely adjusted via the "back door", or programmed to adjust and readjust as necessary, have been villified as though they were the enemy.  I know the theft has gotten more credence and I know that people will be vigilant, but how vigilant can one be against an undetectable program installed in a computerized vote-counting machine?  I'm sorry.  I'm ranting.  Those are the most run-on sentences of all time.  But that's been my deepest fear for years.

    •  We should all have been ranting loudle for years. (0+ / 0-)

      I thought us getting a majority in Congress would go a long way of taking care of this...naive.

      I do think outcomes have been rigged but we don't have to think that bad things have happened to be concerned. It's like Obama says (in townhalls a few times) you don't have to prove wrong doing or suspect wrongdoing, that isn't the point...even if you trust you still always need someone watching the watcher.

      So it is with voting. It's completely unacceptable that we have so many states where voting is fully or partially unverifiable, unrecountable and/or not audited.
      There are all the shenanigans the republicans are doing to disenfranchise and that is horrible but that is also where MASS turnout can overcome it to a degree.

      But with machines the mass turnout doesn't matter.
      It is getting better. 27 states now require electronic voting machines to produce a voter-verified paper trail and such legislation pending in a dozen more states but that doesn't help now.

      And frankly...funny stuff still happens. Here are some headlines from after Ohio primary...and Ohio is one of the states with a voter-verified paper trail

      Ohio crime bureau seizes Franklin County BOE voting machines ...
      Mar 18, 2008 ... At the request of election officials, the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation has seized voting machines for forensic ...

      Ohio voting machines declared an official crime scene
      Mar 17, 2008 ... Ohio Attorney General Mark Dann is conducting an investigation of the seized ES&S voting machines

      Great. New Jersey also had irregularities during primary too...which after court fights and threats from Sequoia Voting Systems to sue ended up with an investigation being allowed...but results can't be released publicly and it won't be in time to correct issue before November.

      Here are the states considered High Risk
      Link here, a pdf file
      South Carolina
      New Jersey
      New York
      District of Columbia

      But we've seen issues in other states too. Crazy

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