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View Diary: Tennessee in Play? AYFKM? (84 comments)

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  •  Not much visible support for McCain in Knoxville (0+ / 0-)

    Around Knoxville in 2000 and in 2004, I swear it seemed like almost every vehicle on the road had one of those annoying little black and white "W" stickers. There was even a billboard along I-40 that just said "W". And Bush/Cheney yard signs were plentiful in West Knoxville where my parents live.

    The contrast with this year is really amazing. McCain has nowhere near the support that Bush had in '00 and '04 around here. McCain stickers and signs are few and far between. I'm sure McCain will carry East TN, but if the level of visible support is at all indicative of the strength of his national campaign, which I believe it is, he really has no chance on Nov. 4th.

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