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  •  Testvet6778.. (12+ / 0-)

    We have a running conversation going here.
    As a DV whose records run to 3 volumes and who is one of the few to garner the 100% rating from activities loosely related to neurotoxin exposure the idea that the VA might "loose" my records is beyond comprehension.
    We share a similar situation.  You are the lab rat and I am the field lab rat (Khamisiyah).  I just came home from another 5 days inpatient fighting a mystery intestinal/CNS infection that requires continuing Metronidazole & Ciproflaxzcin to control my counts.
    What we need here is more than to simply investigate, but to reintroduce the concept of moral hazard to the public sector.  What is nominally known as "scope of employment" and the "standards of ethical conduct for federal employees" must carry the force of Title 18 in action.

    The government has a serious financial incentive to alter, misplace, mischaracterize or outright loose these vital records.  It reminds me of the infamous fire at the St. Louis records center some decades ago.
    These records must be safeguarded!

    Thanks for this must read effort although I must confess that the financial meltdown has finally hit me when the capacity of the federal government to protect my status from infringement form federal records manipulation for financial gain is under question.
    Oh, how I wish there was a product that would settle my stomach!

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