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    Reading this it looks like someone shredded some documents.  If the documents were originals and pertinent to a claim that may or may not be a crime/issue.  I can also attest to significant other issues with the VA, having worked on some of their hospital builidngs, there are Major issues with the VA relating to quality of care and funding.  The problem I have in reading this is that there apears to be multiple issues contained in the various writings, some of which the author is clearly very farmiliar with, to the point where they are not fully explained to the lay reader.

    What do we think the shredded doccuments were, had tehy been scanned in to an electronic file for storage?  that would be a legitimate reason for shredding.  The loss of paper work is a common problem in the VA they are renowned for it, but I think that even they would not just shred files for the sake of loosing a claim.  The problems with teh VA are at a much much higher level than some individual who would take that kind of action.  

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