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  •  Is he actually a lawyer? (1+ / 0-)
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    Prav duh

    He's a bit self-serving, but what politician and lawyer isn't?

    He's not only self centered but he's also not very bright and I think that he and people like him harmed the No on 8 effort.  

    Remember the California Presidential Primary?  Remember how much of Hillary's big win came from the fact that her campaign ran an unparalelled sophisticated vote by mail program?  The Hillary Clinton staffer who ran her vote by mail effort offered to give the No on 8 campaign all the info they had and No on 8 turned it down.  That's the No on 8 campaign for you and when you realize how much absentees broke to yes, it's a real shame to think about.  

    Lorri Jean is a force.  I like her on a personal level.  I do not agree with her administrative style though.  I volunteered and worked in the administrative offices at the Center and know of what I speak.  She has done a lot for our community and needs to start accepting responsibility for actions and events under her command.

    She is definitely a force.  I met her once and sat in on a private meeting she was having with a colleague, the woman is pure steel.  Yes, I do blame her for what happenned.  But I also blame John Duran.  I also blame Geoff Kors.  Basically, I blame Equality California for what happenned.  They could have won, they should have won, they didn't win out of their own stupidity.  And they're who I blame but I can't single out Lorri Jean without singling out all the others.  They collectively failed.  

    I think though that I agree with the basic thrust of your diary though I take exception to your opposition to gay marriage.  Whether or not you personally want to get married, that's up to you.  The right though must exist for everyone.  And marriage is a civil institution.  Not a religious institution.  People like calling it "marriage" and we shouldn't have such a dispute over it.  Frankly, if these fundamentalists really cared so much about the word "marriage", do you think they'd be fighting this hard?  Giving religious fundamentalists the word "marriage" is like Chamberlain giving Chechoslovakia to Hitler.  

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