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    gypsy, budr, SoonerG

    I got quoted twice here! Well, I meant every word of it. I've donated twice to Andrew Rice, always with qualms that I should give ALL my money to Rick Noriega. But the Rice v. Inhofe race has national implications beyond almost any other Senate race. (I'm willing to concede that Daschleing McConnell ranks at the top, and revenging Mac Cleland's defeat by Shameless Saxby Chambliss comes next. But Rice is among the top three races in the country.)

    This year is shaping up as a map-changing, realigning, wave year election. The voters are angry and they want change. Yes, even in Oklahoma. Rarely do we have a chance to put a progressive Dem in place of a nutty Repub in a deeply red state like this. We need to seize the moment.

    We have the chance to put a prairie progressive in the Senate, and break that blur of red through the heartland from Texas through Oklahoma and Kansas. Electing Andrew Rice will move the window of political discussion well to the left in the state and even in the region.

    If we fail to take this opportunity, Inhofe will next come up for election in 2014, the middle of Obama's  second term. Warning: That second mid-term usually means the party in power loses seats in the Senate. Another 12 years of James Inhofe? Nevermind the Arctic, the Antarctic ice could melt by the time he's gone in that case!

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      Woody, gypsy

      Removing this ilk from our electorate is of utmost importance.  
      Rice is on the rise and given enough support will eventually take one of the senate seats here.  His strong pro health care reform and veteran's benefits are the main reasons I am a strong supporter.  
      His ability to judge issues from an average Oklahoman's viewpoint is something we need desperately.  
      Inhofe is in the pocket of big oil and the lobbyists who have put our nation in the financial morass we all find ourselves mired in now.

      Do not become intoxicated with the excessive exuberance of your own inexhaustible verbosities!

      by SoonerG on Fri Oct 17, 2008 at 04:16:12 PM PDT

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