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View Diary: Boycott Sinclair UPDATE: You can put F9/11 on cable TV for free (169 comments)

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  •  well, you are less worried, but.... (none) know the facts, and you know the basic false premises that this crap is based on. You know that they cut the crucial "They said.." in "They said they cut off ears [etc]", thus transforming it from a straight reporting to an accusation. You know that probably every negative assertion regarding Kerry is false or based on a lie or misrepresentation.

    But for folks who do not know as much as you do and just accept the (false) premises and the basic lies as facts at face value, it could be believable and convincing.

    In addition, think about the potential of all other media (CNN, the other major networks) "reporting" on the showing of this program non-stop by airing clips from it, from now till election day. Repeat, repeat, repeat. Without clearly showing the falseness of the premises, without airing the full quote from Kerry, just swamping everyone with this filth and with pundits arguing how damaging for Kerry this could be.

    So I guess for me, I am disgusted and worried that ignorance and blatant lying might win crucial votes through this.

    •  coverage a greater threat (none)
      you have a point, I didn't think of that. That's what propelled the Swift Boat liars' ads. Originally only played in what, 3 states, and for $500,000 worth of air time. They got about $500 million's worth of air time for free, courtesy endless national coverage, endless replay of very destructive clips, without rebuttal or correction.
      •  am i being naive (none)
        to think that there is press fatigue of this issue as well as voter fatigue?

        I haven't seen any good press for this show. It's a rehash of the old lies. I would think even sclfm will recognize what a piece of bullshit this is and the tactics being used to show it.

        Hopefully that will be the news...

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