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View Diary: Boycott Sinclair UPDATE: You can put F9/11 on cable TV for free (169 comments)

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    Here's my General Mills boycott letter:

    I've followed the Sinclair story and the various related advertiser boycotts with interest for the last several days. Today, I saw the letter your company sent in response to the many consumers upset by your support for Sinclair's attack on our democratic elections and their blatant disregard for U.S. campaign law. I was so offended by the arrogance of that letter that I realized I could no longer remain a spectator and had to stand up to support this principle that I believe in so strongly.

    Many of your former customers have posted this public relations disaster of a form letter to various blogs and discussion groups throughout the Internet. In it, your company appears to excuse Sinclair's highly partisan actions by disingenously misrepresenting their attempts to influence the outcome of our elections via in-kind contribution to the Bush/Cheney campaign as "freedom of the press." This ridiculous assertion indicates to me that General Mills does not value ethics in broadcasting or fair play in general, and that has affected my once very positive opinion of your company.

    Of course, I do not anticipate that this letter or the loss of one small family's patronage will alter your course. However, I hope you will consider this - Fairness and the rule of law and order are too important to leave to "Republicans" or "Democrats" to fight over. Normal, everyday people who stand back and look at this one objectively know in their hearts that what Sinclair is doing stinks to high heaven and should not go unchallenged.

    For now, it appears that General Mills is unable or unwilling to face such a test of good corporate citizenship with honesty, so I must view the company's stance as an obstacle to the values I hold dear. My family and I will therefore be supporting your competitors exclusively for the duration of your Orwellian and blatant disregard for ethical advertising policies. We will encourage our friends, neighbors, and co-workers to do the same in the hope that positive changes may follow this action some day, so that corporate giants like General Mills will consider more carefully whether or not it is worthwhile to support the morally indefensible with your advertising dollars.

    I will miss many of your fine foods (a shocking number, as I look down the list), particularly the Cheerios and Gardettos. I can assure you that, as soon as the quality of your sense of corporate responsibility rises to meet the admirable level achieved by your products, we will be proud to purchase items bearing the General Mills logo once again.

    J. Rowan

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