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    I am very confident for Obama, but my anxiety won't be relieved until Nov. 5.

    I still don't trust McCain, Bush, or any of the Republican SOBs in the White House and Congress--not at all--and it's dangerous to become complacent even one little bit until after this race is run, and won. As Kos has said several times: "Leave everything on the road." Ain't that the truth.

    So I'll party on Nov. 5 and Jan. 20, but not before then. Our early voting in Texas starts this Monday and we will be voting on Monday so that we can spend the next 14 days working our asses off for Obama and even more importantly for all the down ticket Democratic races since I must admit that it's going to be really hard for Obama to win Texas even with Herculean efforts.

    As an aside, all my family and friends know that the traditional New Year's Eve party my wife and I have at our house will actually be on Jan. 20 this year, not Dec. 31, after we know for sure that Obama has won on Nov. 4 (and it will be the biggest, baddest, most boisterous  "New Year's Eve" party we'll have ever thrown--economy be damned for just one day.)

    Why did we bother to defeat the Soviet Union if we were just going to become it? -- Molly Ivins, RIP, January 31, 2007

    by dewtx on Wed Oct 15, 2008 at 09:56:18 PM PDT

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