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View Diary: Joe The Plumber Admits He Wasn't Undecided After All (586 comments)

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  •  did anyone notice that at the end of the post (1+ / 0-)
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    of Joe's info, there is a website listed.  DK is not the ONLY place this info is available.  We live in a world where there is no privacy anymore.  Get used to it.  You don't have to like it, but you should acknowledge it.  And, if you go on t.v. talking about presidential candidates during a presidential election year, then you'd better expect that people are going to wonder who you are, and what your story is.  If Joe did not want to be in the public eye, then he should have kept his mouth shut when the media called.  Instead, he decided to toe the Republican line, with NO intellect.  He's got a record.  Nobody's fault but his own.

    Go to and demand they take down the info.  Then go to the courthouses and demand they remove Joe's name from their books.  Then wipe him off of the MSM websites...

    'Man is born free, yet he is everywhere in chains.' - Jean Jacques Rosseau. The Social Contract, 1762 -8.0/-5.9

    by Nyaa on Thu Oct 16, 2008 at 09:54:45 AM PDT

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